La Jolla Bioengineering Institute

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DIRECTOR: Leonardo Josť de Moura Carvalho, PhD


  • McBain-Leica LMDM customized intravital microscope
  • Hamamatsu C9300-221 low-light, fast speed digital camera and HCImage software
  • COHU analog camera and VCR
  • Leica stereomicroscope with digital camera
  • Inhaled anesthesia system for small animals
  • Stereotaxic frame

Additional Equipment

  • Mouse ECG system for wake animals
  • Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer (exhaled NO)
  • BioPac MP150 interface
  • ENO-20 NOx Analyzer
  • Telemetry system for blood pressure measurements (implanted catheter, small animals)
  • Hemocue hemoglobin photometer
  • Olympus BX41 microscope with Spot RTSE digital camera

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